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Searle Gulch Reclamation

Owner: Phelps Dodge
Contract Award: $1.2 Million

The Searle Gulch Historic reclamation project consisted of removing rock waste piles and restoring the slopes to their original contours. Lawrence Construction incorporated a fleet of six articulated haul trucks to perform the work. The high-altitude location of this project (10,500 feet) was densely forested area where soil conditions required a vehicle that could handle soft soil conditions and be stable on steep slopes. The waste rock material was loaded and hauled to active tailing stockpile areas. Lawrence Construction was able to the conditions extremely well and our ability to access remote locations ultimately added additional quantities to our contract.
Even with the additional work Lawrence Construction was able to complete the construction three weeks ahead of schedule. The project quantities were as follows:
Waste Rock Excavation 180,000 CY
Topsoil, Biosolids, Lime 12,000 CY
Gabion Baskets 164 EACH